Romain Wartel


Through my work and personal lives, I highly value Internet freedom, free speech, the right for privacy, for private communications, and for access to media and information as legitimate and universal human rights.

I currently work at CERN in the IT Department for the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (LCG) collaboration.

I specialise in computer security incident handling, including large scale incidents affecting multiple resource providers and mission critical services. This implies building international collaborations and trust to prepare for and manage crisis.

I am involved in several Computer Security activities at CERN with a specific focus on distributed and grid computing. I have chaired the EGEE Operational Security Coordination Team from 2006 until the end of the EGEE project in 2010, and I am currently fulfilling the LCG Security Officer role.

I am especially interested in operational security issues, from building and deploying security monitoring services, to critical vulnerabilities and computer security incidents handling. Having simultaneously a site security (CERN) and a Grid security focus is an ongoing and exciting challenge. I am also involved in a several non-security specific topics, for example virtualisation and cloud computing.

Before joining CERN in September 2005, I was the Information Security Officer of the e-Science Centre at the CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK). I shared my time between system administration of different UNIX/Linux servers and various IT security activities. From November 2004, I acted as the UK/I Security Contact in the LHC Computing Grid project, and became part of the EGEE/LCG Operational Security Coordination Team.

I graduated in September 2003 from the University of Technology of Compiègne (France), where I took two diplomas: an Engineering degree in Computer Science and a French Master of Sciences dedicated to PhD, focused on Technology of Information and Systems.